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Welcome to the official homepage for Autumn, the 1976 British instrumental progressive rock band.

Autumn’s only album (recorded in 1977) ‘Oceanworld’ (originally only on CD in 1999) now available on vinyl for the first time (Limited pressing). Released 29 April 2019. Buy direct from our shop or buy from Discogs.

The album features a beautiful gatefold sleeve (350gsm), pressed on 180 gsm heavy vinyl, complete with black poly-lined inner.

AUTUMN was an entirely instrumental, highly progressive British band based in Portsmouth during the years 1976 to 1978 and writing and recording music with elaborate symphonic soundscapes and a powerful rock undertow. Music with touches of Genesis/Gentle Giant/Yes/The Enid amongst others yet creating an individual sound of their own. Although never to commercially succeed due, in part, to the rise of Punk, the band received critical acclaim and respect. Now 4 decades later a vinyl version of the original unreleased album is available for the first time. ‘Oceanworld’ is a truly progressive work of its time of which the band are rightfully proud.

The unreleased album ‘Oceanworld’ (originally recorded in 1977/78) was released for the first time ever on February 15th 1999 on CD. The tracks were re-mastered to a high degree but no additional recordings or overdubs were added. The CD sold well but went out of stock in 2002.

Now in 2019, because of the recent resurgence in vinyl appreciation there is now some demand for a vinyl release of ‘Oceanwordl’.  “We had a great time writing and playing this music (over 40 years ago!) and we hope the scale of the sound we produced will still be fully appreciated today”.

Two of Autumn’s members came from The Enid (Nick Magnus and Robbie Dobson) and one member (Nick) was to join The Steve Hackett Band for many world tours and recordings. Another member (Robbie) was to re-join The Enid and then join Hawkwind. They are all still in touch and these recordings were released with the permission of all.’

‘A Prog Rock masterpiece’ Francois Couture (All Music)

‘A little gem’

‘Oceanworld is brilliant instrumental progressive for any era…’  Progression Magazine (USA)

‘high calibre prog music that can rival the best…’ Délire Musical (Canada)

‘a rare progressive gem… an album of elaborate symphonic soundscapes with a powerful rock underpinning…’ CDS Review (UK)

Autumn News

Nick’s ‘Inhaling Green’ – remastered, re-issued on 25th Sep 2020.

After a long absence, the remastered, re-issued Inhaling Green can now be pre-ordered from my…
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Autumn News
Nick’s sixth progressive rock album ‘Catharsis’ – OUT NOW
Autumn Oceanworld cover art
Autumn News
Oceanworld – the vinyl release