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Autumn News

Nick’s sixth progressive rock album ‘Catharsis’ due Sep 30th 2019

By April 23, 2019 July 17th, 2019 No Comments
Nick Magnus

Nick’s sixth progressive rock album ‘Catharsis’ takes a personal journey exploring the landscape, history and legends of the Ariège region in the Pyrenees.

“Travelling to new destinations is exciting, educational, and always inspirational. Some places, though, call you back time and time again. The Ariège region in the French Pyrénées is one such place. Here mountains, caves, stunning vistas and centuries of often turbulent history cry out to be translated into music – and so we did. Each track marks a much loved place in the Ariège, or a time in its history, real or imagined.”

‘Catharsis’ is a deluxe, 2-disc hardback Mediabook with audio CD, 20-minute DVD video and 36 full-colour pages of photographs and lyrics. Featured guests include Steve Hackett, Tony Patterson, Pete Hicks, Amanda Lehmann, Andy Neve and Steve Unruh.

Release date September 30th 2019.